Tech Rescue

School Districts / Central Texas

Systems offline, network printing down, and email servers running but not responding — all time sensitive issues that crippled schools across Central Texas. During these times of crisis, EGM Tech was called in to help solve the problem.

“Same day service keeps organizations on schedule with minimal downtime”

Mount Calm ISD

It was a Friday evening, 6PM. Mount Calm ISD’s Technology Director, Don Hinson, is notified a server storing decades of school district data had stopped functioning. Without this vital resource the school district would not be able to prepare paychecks and teachers would not be able to post attendance reports or prepare report cards. Both were due the following week.

A business technology company in Austin was called first and quoted over $6,000 and three weeks to fix the issue. The next call was to EGM Tech in Waco, Texas. By 9PM that same evening, EGM Tech had the server fixed and back to normal operation. While onsite, EGM Tech also noticed that one of Mount Calm’s core servers, the Primary Domain Controller, was about to fail. EGM Tech quickly fixed that problem as well.

Penelope ISD

Penelope ISD’s Assistant Principal, Gordon Vogel, had a problem – The school district’s email services seemed to be unresponsive, yet all server equipment was up and running.

EGM Tech, having been recommended to Mr. Vogel by another education provider, was given a call. Within an hour EGM Tech was onsite to begin troubleshooting. It was discovered that the e-mail database was corrupt. EGM Tech was able to repair the database and have the school’s e-mail system back up and running that same day. Penelope ISD continues to be a loyal customer of EGM Tech today.

Blooming Grove ISD

With final exams coming in two days and all network printing down David Haden, Blooming Grove’s Technology Director, asked that EGM Tech come help with the situation. The school’s teachers were about to need to print thousands of pages of exam paperwork and needed the network functioning. Once onsite EGM Tech quickly evaluated the school’s technology infrastructure.
Within 30 minutes the specific problem was identified. Blooming Grove’s entire network had come to a screeching halt because of serious replication issues with two of their core servers. After about 4 hours of work, EGM Tech took care of the problem and had restored normal functionality. The teachers were able to remain on their existing schedule and prepare for final exams. Blooming Grove ISD continues to be a loyal customer of EGM Tech.

Services provided:

  • On-Demand Services:
    • Advanced Server & Network Services
    • Microsoft Active Directory
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Cisco Networking
    • CIPAFilter
  • Same-Day Service
  • Consultation as a Trusted Advisor